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—  cocktails  —


—  Raspberry Drop Martini  —
Absolut Raspberry Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and raspberry flavors

—  The "Dirty" Martini  —
A "dirty" classic made with J. Carver Vodka, dry vermouth and olive juice

—  Fannie's White Sangria  —
Sweet white wine and Peach Schnapps, mixed with mango and pineapple

—  The Supper Club Punch  —
Skyy Wild Strawberry Vodka, lemonade, mango syrup topped with champagne

—  Berry Whiskey Lemonade  —
Jack Daniels Whiskey and fresh squeezed lemon, sweetened with berry flavors and topped with soda

—  House Margarita  —
Choose traditional, mango, strawberry, or blackberry, made with Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, served on the rocks or frozen  

—  Spiked Peach Tea  —
William Wold Peach Whiskey, peach flavors, fresh brewed iced tea, and a squeeze of fresh lemon

—  The Old Fashioned  —
Wisconsin's favorite cocktail with your choice of Korbel Brandy or Wild Turkey Bourbon

—  Blueberry Mojito  —
A blueberry twist to this minty rum classic, made with Bacardi Rum